zkFold Symbolic Base

Haskell tools

Use the full power of GHC and the Haskell toolstack when developing your zk-enhanced applications.

zkFold Symbolic Standard Library and Compiler

Build zk-apps using our standard library and compile the code to arithmetic circuits.

ZKP protocols

The circuits produced by the zkFold Symbolic compiler can be immediately used in zero knowledge protocols. Prove and verify statements encoded by the circuits with the help of our easy-to-use APIs.

For Cardano DApps

Cardano Type Library

Pre-defined collection of types for building zero knowledge smart contracts for the Cardano blockchain.

Transaction Builder APIs

Construct zero knowledge smart contract transactions using our set of transaction builder APIs.

For Privacy-Preserving Applications

Data-sharing DSL

  • Define your data structures

  • Prove and verify the knowledge of a signed data structure matching some pattern

  • Prove and verify the presence of data matching your patterns in a collection of records

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