Advanced: the Symbolic Compiler

Symbolic computations are functions polymorphic in a type a that belongs to a class Symbolic. This class places several requirements on the type a (see the definition). Most importantly, it must be a prime field.

When a Symbolic function ff is instantiated with a Haskell implementation of Zp\mathbb{Z}_p, we can evaluate the function by plugging some concrete value of the input type to get a concrete value of the output type.

x :: Zp BLS12_381_Scalar

f :: Symbolic a => a -> a

f x :: Zp BLS12_381_Scalar

However, we can also instantiate such a function with an ArithmeticCircuit type. Then, plugging an arithmetic circuit representing the symbol xx, we get the arithmetic circuit representing f(x)f(x).

// A circuit representing a "free variable" x of type (Zp BLS12_381_Scalar).
x :: ArithmeticCircuit (Zp BLS12_381_Scalar)

f :: Symbolic a => a -> a

// A circuit representing f(x).
f x :: ArithmeticCircuit (Zp BLS12_381_Scalar)

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